Caribbean sun, heavenly dive sites and charming models is just the right cocktail for a saturday night show on TV. On Curaçao we were able to act one more time in front and behind the cameras. For RTL we portraited two lovely and exceptional mermaids in the wet element and let the dreams of a mermaid come true.


On behalf of PRO7 I flew to Barcelona, Spain, to draw attention to the candidates of PRO7´s "Sommermädchen 2011" with their breath-taking evening dresses underwater. This summer-show, moderated by Jana Ina and Giovanni Zarella, lives from Meditteranean flair, white beaches and beautiful girls.


Unique recordings arose from a photoshooting at the Palma Aquarium on Mallorca as the underwater model Nadine Werner, disguised as a mermaid, plunged into Europe´s deepest shark pool. Photographs, which are presenting an almost playfully approximation between the king of the oceans and the mermaid.