Together with our Partner OLYMPUS and Lion Filmproduction we have been traveling to Okinawa, Japan, where we realized an advertising film for the Okinawa Tourist Board OCVB as well as product images and an advertorial trailer for the leading airline of Japan - All Nippon Airways.



Huge. Unexplored. Really mystical. At the furthest southerly point of Japan we explored the Yonaguni monument. A structure crafted by man-made? Or just a freak of nature? Or had aliens a hand in building this example in architecture? Nobody knows.



Be honest - by thinking about diving nobody noticed Japan. So far. Together with OLYMPUS, OCVB and ANA we explored just a small part of the tropical south of Japan. We lived the Japanese culture, tried ourselves in karate fighting, enjoyed delicious food and at least dived in the most crystal clear waters ever.