Deeply impressed and in awe, we enjoy the view of a starry sky in the dark night. At the right time and in the right place, a spectacle of a very special kind opens up for us. The dormant volcanoes of North Sulawesi, illuminated by a powerful flash of lightning in the shadow of the Milky Way.



Finally! Southeast Asia has us again. Welcome back to North Sulawesi. Around Bangka Island and the Sea Souls Dive Resort we enjoyed a third time endless white beaches and dived down into colorful coral landscapes and sandy underwater deserts full of bizarre creatures and crazy critters. So, no need for Lembeh.


For the second Instagram take-over of formerly OLYMPUS, now OM SYSTEM, we took visitors to the Caribbean. We followed in the footsteps of Spanish conquerors and Dutch colonizers - right in the heart of the Caribbean Sea - to Curaçao. A photographic foray above and below water with lots of photos and colorful stories.


The new OM-1 from our partner OM SYSTEM puts photography in a new light. Equipped with the latest technology in the industry, you will be amazed how compact the camera with the world's best image stabilization system is in your hand. Sharp freehand shots even in poor lighting conditions - no problem for the stunning OM 1. Go and get it now!


We were able to further expand our network and have found the perfect and reliable partner in PanOceanPhoto, which we need in all areas of our equipment. In addition to a huge selection of underwater housings, lighting technology and all kinds of accessories, the main focus in the house of underwater photography is on personal and individual advice.


Just before Christmas, OLYMPUS visionary Thomas Adorff welcomed us to his studio for a creative and photographic review of the year. With other guests, we reviewed the year and presented our highlight pictures from 2021. In addition to interesting conversations, there was also a lot of technology news to discuss.