Together with our partners OLYMPUS, SCUBAPRO and PRO DIVE INTERNATIONAL we realized a really magical and mystical underwater model shooting in Yucatán, Mexico. Catching up with the beautiful mermaid Hannah Fraser in the Mexican cenotes. Doubtless really not the regular catwalk for a model or even an underwatermodel.


Fashion week model meets underwater photographer. For our shooting with the Russian model Kseniya Arhangelova we relocate the catwalk from below surface to underwater. After walking on the fashion weeks, after uncountable shootings in the focus of famous fashion photographers this underwater shooting was one of the biggest challenges for our beautiful siren.

Without doubts mermaids have a magical allure. Beautiful beings of the depth. Pirates and sailors once felt in love with these legendary creatures and thereby lost their life. We are diving into this fairy-tale empire, meeting those attractive and bewitching mermaids and sirens as well.



With her movie "Tears of a mermaid" the most known underwater model worldwide, Hannah Fraser, wants to draw attention to the drawbacks and the cries for help from our oceans. We feel honoured to occur beside Philippe Cousteau, the Oscar Award winning director Louie Psihoyos and further colleagues in this film which is produced by Eric Donaldson.


We had magical moments during our cooperation with two really beautiful mermaids on Curaçao. For the film-shootings with RTL we let Hannah Fraser, underwater model from Hollywood, directly flew into the Caribbean. Furthermore Miss Curaçao, Monifa Jansen, has reached our focal point underwater for the first time.


Ballet - expression of totally beauty, elegance and aesthetics. The skill of physical and spiritual discipline. The brazilian ballerina and model  Sabrina Velloso di Almeida had the courage to come with us into the unknown wet element. She danced herself into the hearts of all participants with her sensual, dreamly and playfully lightness underwater.