On Curaçao we took advantage of the moment and entered new territory. As an underwater photographer team, we portrayed the colorful bird life of the Caribbean island. In addition to Trupial, Wara Wara and small hummingbirds, the focus was on the OLYMPUS M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 300 mm/4 IS PRO, the professional lens for all bird photographers.


As a team of passionate underwater photographers and OLYMPUS visionaries, we had the opportunity to take over the Instagram account of OLYMPUS Cameras for 6 days to coincide with World Oceans Day. Here we were able to show the community life under water and what is possible with the cameras below the water surface.


The camera brand OLYMPUS, which has been in business for more than 100 years, has inspired countless photographers worldwide. A milestone was the OM series, which set new standards with its compact dimensions, low weight and great design. From now on, the new products will sail under the OM SYSTEM flag. We look forward to what's to come!


The Oberstdorfer Fotogipfel, Europe's highest photo festival with international and national personalities from the photo scene. As part of our “Oceans” exhibition, we take visitors on a journey into mystical underwater worlds, to ghosts and to brightly glowing coral gardens. Due to the Corona crisis, the organizers had to postpone the originally planned date to September 23-27, 2020.

This month’s photo contest is all about the colour blue - whether it’s an underwater image from your last holiday or a portrait of your favorite pair of jeans. While it can sometimes be associated with sadness, the colour blue also represents calm and serenity. As jurors, we will present the winner of all submissions at the end of june. Good luck and have fun participating!

Together with Thomas Adorff and Andreas Eichelmann, over 200 fine art prints were exhibited at a large vernissage in Karlsruhe at the engineering group IG Bauen. We presented over 70 of our images and took the visitors on a photographic trip to the most beautiful diving areas on our blue planet.