There is hardly a diving area that is so rich in bizarre and quirky microorganisms that Bangka can hold its own. At the Sea Souls Dive Resort we went for critter hunting again and portrayed freaky skeleton shrimps, cute bobtail squids and glowing flamboyant cuttlefish.



A warm welcome in the northern part of Sulawesi, more precisely in the northwest of the island Bangka. There we visited the Sea Souls Dive Resort. Family atmosphere and individual, cordially service compared with an absolutely intact underwater world. Bangka, center of the coral triangle, seems to be the source of all critters and quirky microorganism.

Selamat datang to Raja Ampat. Again. Home of the manta rays and birds of paradise. Dive sites for sure on every divers bucketlist. Located in the heart of the Dampier Strait it is a place which reflects the pure beautiness of our blue planet above and below surface. And at least mantas, mantas, mantas. Here we go, let´s go diving!


Raja Ampat. A must-have on every bucketlist. Big fish and richness in fish so exorbitant that even experienced divers become ecstatic. For our article "Gegen den Strom" in the dive magazine UNTERWASSER we jumped into the biggest fish soup of Indonesia. Colorful, healthy reefs and stunning big fish population, and last but not least the mantas, stood in the focus of our cameras.

Welcome into the paradise for underwater photographers and macro-enthusiasts. The Eldorado for lovers of nudibranchs. Just a few steps away from the beautiful located Prince John Dive Resort a stunning, higgledy-piggledy and varied underwater world begins. Quirky reef creatures are presenting themselves along the different dive sites of Sulawesi.