"No words to describe,

this ocean inside..."    

True words, Heather. I could not better articulate my feelings opposite to our oceans. The permanent desire for the depths of the oceans and the infinite pleasure about my work as underwater photographer are pushing me. But what is the best way to describe my person, my work preferably? I am a professional underwater photographer. Olympus Visionary and Olympus expert for underwater photography. Workshop supervisor and editor. But maybe I´m just a guy who loves the seven seas and my job underwater.


Most of the oceans on our planet I have already seen and felt into love with them. As underwater photographer I travelled to the most unique and colorful dive spots on our earth. From Papua New Guinea through Raja Ampat, from the Philippines to Japan and from Indonesia to the sunny Caribbean. I portraited whale sharks in Mexico, photographed dolphins and stingrays in the crystal clear waters of Curaçao and swam with the sharks and manta rays of the South Pacific. Last but not least I dived with mystical mermaids at the most stunning dive sites on our blue planet. For me solely the creativity and fun for my work and in photographing are standing in the foreground. And I do hope this philosophy is reflecting myself in my works.

Heather Nova