Our job is the ocean. A place which could not be more beautiful. With the foundation of art & water photography we surely have realized our dreams years ago. More a life-task than a job. Our challenge, our big adventure. Surely a small business, but with lots of engagement and heart. Since 2010 we are working as a team of photographers and editors for our partners worldwide. For print and online media we are composing stories about diving and travelling. For dive resorts and dive centers we are delivering photo and video footage for websites, marketing and catalogues. Furthermore we are testing the newest diving and camera equipment for our partners Olympus, Scubapro and Sealife.


Beside all of these tasks another small focus of our works lies in the underwater model photography. Since years we are portraying mermaids and models in the depths of the oceans. A liaison of feminine and maritime beauty. For us an aesthetic and beautiful representation of a body underwater is the highest art of photography. A touch erotism, a touch sensuousness. Just photographs which should enchant the viewer.




"The ocean is our job,

the ocean is where we belong."